Venu personal notes


Go to tomcat directory

cd /Users/venusurampudi/Downloads/apache-tomcat-7.0.62

To start tomcat in jpda mode

./ jpda start


Go to Mongodb cd /Users/venusurampudi/Downloads/mongodb-osx-x86_64-enterprise-3.2.3/bin

Start mongodb ./mongod –dbpath data/db

Jboss FSW installation, Jboss developer studio or eclipse

Bootstrapping the camel context

There are many ways of doing something on startup when it comes to a EE application. The easiest way (atleast to me) is the singleton startup stateless session bean. Slap on a couple of annotations to your class and you are on your merry way. The application if using cxf will however will not deploy as the installation has some missing jar files. The deployment will flame out complaining about header filter


Written on March 19, 2016